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There are many reasons to seek a professional appraiser
to document and evaluate your personal property. 


Whether you are settling an estate, determining value for insurance or just satisfying curiosity, choosing a trained professional is important.
When choosing an appraiser, you need to be assured that your professional is highly trained, knowledgeable and easy to work with.
Libby Holloway is all of those.

Estate Valuation

The value of the property in an estate is often required for IRS purposes or by the trustee of an estate. This report involves a full inventory of all the personal property in the estate with values based on actual sales of similar items.


Appraisals aid your insurer in providing proper insurance coverage of your appreciable property such as antiques and fine art. Appraisals are also used in settling claims for damage or loss.

Equitable Distribution

Sometimes it is necessary to divide property equitably in a court case such as divorce. It is also desirable to include an appraisal in estate planning.